Asphalt Batch Mix Plant (80, 100, 120, 160 TPH)

Four Bin Feeder

  • Build on rugged structure
  • Feeder are usually synchronized with variable frequency drive
  • Anti Bridging bin design to ensure smooth and easy material flow
  • Wide opening bin width for easy feeding Through Loader


  • More than four bin
  • Enclosed Design
  • Emergency Stop System

Drying Drum

  • Available with skid base structure
  • Flights design for optimum heating of all type of aggregate
  • Drive through Friction drive or Chain Drive


  • Isolation with Rockwool

Hot Elevator

  • Totally Enclosed
  • Centrifugal discharge type bucket elevator
  • Provided with Backstop drive


  • Drive with maintenance-free six poles Two Vibrating motors
  • Easy and top-notch performance
  • With the bypass system

Hot Bin

  • Four Compartment hot aggregate Bins with a 13-meter cube Storage capacity
  • Overflow and oversize rejection chute
  • Each compartment is equipped with pneumatic actuated gates
  • High-level indicator provided in all bin
  • Temperature measuring probe in bin No. 1


  • Linear plate and Tips are made from wear resistance material
  • Pneumatic operated gate
  • Twin Shaft mixture for homogenous mixing in a short time of asphalt aggregate and filler
  • Jacketed pug mill with welded steel shell
  • Soft start and inverter drive system
  • Highly reliable and Low maintenance

Pollution Control Unit


This Unit helps asphalt plant to become environment friendly

Filling system separate dust & gas which is generated during asphalt production

Primary Dust Collecting Unit(Cyclon System)

Dust collected from Drying drum, vibrating Screen, and hot bins before they enter mixing drum
Compliments the secondary dust collector

Secondary Pollution Control Unit(Bag House)

  • Standardized multiple-stage pollution control unit consisting of filter bag from Nomax Material
  • Reverse airflow type cleaning operation
  • With Screw conveyor for easy removal of dust partial

Asphalt Transfer pump

  • 5.5 kW, 450 LPM, Jacketed, gear type transfer pump
  • Jacketed with Hot oil for smooth running
  • Easy to operate

Bitumen Tank

  • The indirect Bitumen tank is supplied with a high-efficiency thermic oil heater
  • Fully insulated with Rockwool
  • Totally hot oil coil fabricated with seamless pipe
  • With level indicator with mechanical Flout gauge


  • Agitator assembly
  • Direct Heating Bitumen tank
  • Storage capacity with 20 MT, 30 MT, 50 MT

Thermic Heater

  • Come with machine-driven Temperature controls
  • Integrated with automatic controllers considering low level switch, over temp. Cut off, pressure switch
  • Pipe lines are insulated with Rockwool


  • Available with 2L Kcal/hr,3 L Kcal/hr,5 L Kcal/hr,6 L Kcal/hr


  • S type modulating burner
  • Multi Fuel Burner : LDO, Diesel, FO
  • Low noise Burner
  • Highly efficient

Control Panel

  • Modular design and simple use
  • PLC type control panel
  • Pre-installed and factory tested
  • Fully automatic via main PLC
  • Special program for reports and graphics output
  • Cold aggregate feeder speed flow adjust automatically according to the requirement
  • Easy to operate the plant
  • The monitor shows all status on/off, current, temperature status
  • SADA & HMI system connects asphalt plant to the world

Salient Features

  • Optimum fuel efficiency
  • Energy Efficient
  • AC Motors
  • Mixing Tower is equipped with a sturdy skid which saves costly RCC work. The tower is rest on PCC work only.
  • Bigger Hot Bin New design of the hot bin increase 10% storage capacity and an extra-wide gate ensure free fall of aggregates which will reduce batch time. Gate cylinders are in an open atmosphere. No possibility of damaging a pneumatic cylinder seal kit.
  • Batch Tower is with Screen Bypass Duct. The screen is the bottleneck of the batch mix plant. You can run plants without screening material. All material collected in the first bin. Material proportion set by AC drive of Aggregate bin feeder.
  • Recycle Asphalt Adding Provision. With a Screen bypass, your plant also handles RAP up to 20%. RAP is added to a hot elevator where it is heated by superheated virgin aggregates by conduction.
  • Fully insulated Counterflow Dryer Drum fitted with automatic multi-fuel burner.
  • Hot bucket elevator system.
  • Four / Five deck vibratory screen.
  • Four / Five hoppers for storage of hot aggregates.
  • Aggregates, bitumen, filler, and hot mix weighing unit.
  • Bitumen storage and heating system with thermic heater.
  • Fully computerized control panel with the option to store various types of hot mix recipes with the possibility to change the recipes frequently.
  • Bag type air pollution control system with bag filters complete with exhaust fan and chimney.
  • Filler elevator for recovered dust from bag filters.
  • Hot-mix silo with 2 compartments, discharge doors, intermediate hopper, and level indicator.
  • All major bought out items are imported from Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Korea.
  • Asphalt batching mix plant is containerized for easy transportation & fast installation.

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